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LMS Directors' Visit to Birmingham and Derby

Tuesday and Wednesday October FOURTH AND FIFTH 1938

Directors' Visit Booklet Cover

The Society has recently come into the possession of a copy of a small (5.25 inches by 8 inches) booklet produced in conjunction with a Directors' Visit To Birmingham And Derby on Tuesday and Wednesday October Fourth and Fifth 1938. It consists of 48 typed pages (suggesting only a low circulation) with numerous illustrations and fold out diagrams bound in a brown cover (reproduced above.) The illustrations are actual photographs. This supports a low circulation publication and it is surmised that it was produced for the information of those Directors partaking of the trip. Unfortunately there is no indication as to which of the company's Directors were present.

The booklet gives a fascinating insight as to how the LMS company saw itself just before the Second World War.

The itinerary is presented below and the descriptions therein are used as links to the text of the booklet.

Photographs and plans are positioned in relation to the text as they are in the original booklet.


Tuesday, Oct. 4th.

        Depart Euston for Birmingham.
      11.10a.m. arrive.
        (Directors' Saloon attached to ordinary train.)
      11.30 to 12.15p.m.
        Visit Road Motor Engineer's Workshops at Saltley.
        (Cars will convey to and from.)
        DESCRIPTION Pages 1 to 4.
        Lunch at Queen's Hotel.

        Depart Birmingham for Derby.
      3.12p.m. arrive.
        (Special train with Directors' Saloon.)
      3.20 to 4.20p.m.
        Visit School of Transport
        DESCRIPTION Pages 5 to 11.
      4.25 to 5.15p.m.
        Visit Research Laboratory
        DESCRIPTION Pages 12 to 16.
        (Cars will convey party throughout.)

    DINE and stay at MIDLAND HOTEL

Wednesday, Oct. 5th.

      9.30 to 12.0 noon:-
        Visit Carriage and Wagon Works
        DESCRIPTION Pages 17 to 28.
        Lunch at Midland Hotel.
        (Cars will convey to and from Hotel and Works.)
      2.0 to 3.30p.m.
        Visit Locomotive Works and Power Station
        DESCRIPTION Pages 29 to 48.
        Depart Derby for St. Pancras.
      5.50p.m. arrive.
        (Directors' Saloon attached to ordinary train.)

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