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LMS Directors Tour Of Inspection of Northern Division Workshops and Motive Power Depots

June 11th, 12th & 13th 1945

Directors' Visit Booklet Cover

The Society is in possession of a copy of a small (5¼ inches by 7¾ inches) booklet produced in conjunction with a LMS Directors Tour Of Inspection of Northern Division Workshops and Motive Power Depots on June 11th, 12th & 13th 1945. It consists of 51 typed pages (suggesting only a low circulation) with several illustrations and fold out diagrams bound in a card cover (reproduced above.) The illustrations are actual photographs. This supports a low circulation publication and it is surmised that it was produced for the information of those Directors partaking of the trip. The copy in our possession appears to have been issued to Col. Birnie Reid, O.B.E. and there is a hand written list of names on the inside front cover. It is assumed that this is a list of attending Directors plus officers of the Company and guests.

The list comprises
  Lord Royden (Chairman)
  Sir Robert Burrows (Deputy Chairman)
  Lord Wigram (Director)
  George Taylor (Director)
  Sir Robert Greig (Director)
  Sir Ian Bolton (Director)
  Sir William Wood
  Mr Speir
  G. S. Bellamy (Works Superintendent (loco) Derby in 1934)
  A. Yeaman  } unclear if 1 or 2 people
    McIntosh  }
  G. R. Smith (Secretary)
  Lord Younger
  Sir Robert Bruce
to which we must add
  Col. Birnie Reid (Deputy Chief Signal Officer, Scottish Command [SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 25 JUNE, 1940]).

The itinerary is presented below and the 'inspections' therein are used as links to the text of the booklet.

Photographs and plans are positioned in relation to the text as they are in the original booklet.

Struckthrough times indicate hand written alterations to the itinerary


Sunday, 10th June

    Euston dep. 7.20p.m.

Monday, 11th June

    Inverness arr. 10.18a.m.
    Inverness dep. 11.25 11.05a.m.
    Kyle of Lochalsh arr. 2.25p.m.
    Kyle of Lochalsh dep. 3.55p.m.
      (car Auchterneed) [hand annotated]
    Strathpeffer arr. 6.45 5.30p.m.
    Strathpeffer dep. 7.30 6p.m.
    Inverness arr. 8.20 7p.m.

Tuesday, 12th June

    Inverness 9.30a.m.
      Inspect Locomotive Shops
    Inverness dep. 10.40a.m.
    Perth (South) Loco. arr. 2.30p.m.
      Inspect Motive Power Depot
    Perth (South) Loco. dep 4.20p.m.
    Glasgow (Buchanan St.) arr. 6.0p.m.

Wednesday, 13th June

    Glasgow Cent. Hotel dep. 9.0a.m.
    St. Rollox Works arr. 9.15a.m.
      Inspect Workshops
    St. Rollox Works dep. 10.35a.m.
    Motherwell Loco. arr. 11.17a.m.
      Inspect Motive Power Depot
    Motherwell Loco. dep. 12.17 12.10p.m.
    Polmadie Loco. arr. 12.50 1.15p.m.
      Inspect Motive Power Depot
    Polmadie Loco. dep. 2.15p.m.
    Barassie Works arr. 3.16p.m.
      Inspect Workshops
    Barassie Works dep. 4.45p.m.
    Kilmarnock Works arr. 5.0p.m.
      Inspect Workshops
    Kilmarnock Works dep. 5 36p.m.
    Glasgow Central arr. 6.23p.m.
    Glasgow Central dep. 9.30 9.38p.m.

Thursday, 14th June

    Euston arr. 6.35 7.8a.m.

Directors' Visit Route Map

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